Is E Cigarette better than smoking?

Is E Cigarette better than smoking?

E cigarette are often marketed as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. Many people are switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones because they believe they are healthier and can be used anywhere without creating too much of a disturbance. Although they may seem like the perfect replacement, there is no scientific evidence showing that e cigarettes are a safe alternative.

Scientists at the VU university medical center in Amsterdam have found that vapor from electronic cigarettes can damage cells significantly more than regular cigarettes. Although more research is needed, the current evidence suggests that e cigarette smoking should not be recommended to patients as a method to help them quit smoking normal cigarettes .

E cigs contain many different ingredients, which can include nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. All of these substances are hazardous to human health in their own right. In fact, nicotine is a known poison that can be very addictive . It’s much better for you to just stick with the patch or gum until more conclusive results come up about their safety.

Some e cigarettes are marketed as nicotine free, but still contain propylene glycol and other chemicals. There is no scientific evidence showing the safety of these devices or their effectiveness in helping people quit smoking regular cigarettes .

Until more research is done on electronic cigarette safety the FDA recommends sticking with tried and true methods to quit smoking such as patches or gums.

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